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Two years

Safety Nets For Life offers two years full warranty for any faults in our safety nets system.
Should a raw material or a factory fault be detected in any of the products, Safety Nets For Life keeps the right to decide whether to replace or repair it, at no charge.
Exceptions: This Warranty shall not cover products which have not been correctly installed.
The surface where the anchorage is installed MUST be strong and hold the anchorage very well.
Due to the fact that Third Parties might be involved in the product’s installation, Safety Nets For Life waives all responsibility arising from such situation.
This Warranty does not cover damages that the product and/or the customer and/or third parties may undergo as consequence of accidents, impacts, lack of maintenance, inappropriate use, incorrect installation, abuses or modifications made on the product, non-fulfillment of Safety Nets For Life instructions.
Consequences arising from Acts of God or any other circumstances which submit the product to burden or force beyond its endurance are not covered either.
Written document will be requested (invoice and/or delivery order as the case may be).