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Safety Nets For Life® safety nets are a new concept in Australia but safety nets have been used to protect children for over 20 year in other countries.

Safety Nets For Life® netting system is manufactured in Argentina.
Our manufacturers are market leaders in their country and we are proud to be their exclusive distributors in Australia. For more information on our safety system , please refer to the “Product” page.

Safety Nets For Life® safety nets can be used to child proof:


pheight protection window protection


protect your windows

Safety Nets for Life® safety nets will enable you to leave your windows open for ventilation without having to worry about toddlers or pets falling out. Even if you live in a two-storey house or in a second-floor unit, children can be at risk if windows aren’t secured. Our safety nets can be installed inside or outside the building, and can be used in conjunction with fly screens.


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child proofed balcony balcony protected for children
protection for balcony railing

For a young family living in an apartment it is of great importance that children breathe some fresh air. But as parents of a toddler ourselves, we know that getting to the park is not always possible. With safety nets your toddler can play outside, get messy with paint, gloop or play dough and get up to all sorts of things that they would not be allowed inside.
We never recommend leaving young children unsupervised, but with safety nets on your verandah, you can answer the phone or turn off the oven without worry.


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stairs protection for children stairs safe for kids stairs child proof


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open space protected railing protection


Stairs, open spaces and mezzanines can pose serious danger to young children, especially when bannisters and guard rails are set wide enough for a curious toddler to fit through. Don't risk it; call us now to get a quote and protect your child!