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Thank you for your interest in our safety nets.

Our safety nets system can be shipped to most countries.

* Safety Nets For Life® likes to offer a personalized service to each client.

Please contact us with the measurement of the area(s) you would like to protect and we will send you a tailored quote.
Visit our Measuring Guide for help on how to measure different areas.

Prices are based on the size of the area to be protected.

The table below shows the prices we charge per square meter for the chlld safety system:


1m2 - 4.99m2 = $59/m2

5m2 - 9.99m2 = $53/m2

10m2 - 19.99m2 = $49/m2

20m2+ = AU$45/m2

30m2+ = AU$42/m2

50m2 + = AU$39/m2


Pet System prices


1m2 - 4.99m2 = $29/m2

5m2 - 9.99m2 = $24/m2

10m2 - 19.99m2 = $39/m2

20m2+ = AU$20/m2

30m2+ = AU$18/m2

50m2 + = AU$15/m2


* Shipping rates vary from country to country. We do our best to offer our clients the best possible shipping rates.
**If you would like your quote to include some shipping options, you must send us your post code.

*It is easy to install Safety Nets For Life® system. Any handyman, carpenter or builder can install it. We recommend finding an installer before purchasing the product.

* Safety Nets For Life® offers full support with installations. Our resources include manuals, pictures and videos. We are also available for phone and Skype calls.

Safety Nets For Life® Installation Instructions can be found at:

Safety Nets For Life® Instructions Manual


* To purchase any of our products or to find out more,

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Safety Nets For Life® donates AU$5 from every sale to charities working with children.

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