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Protection for children living in heights

Safety Nets For Life® is committed to bringing alternatives to help parents protect children from the dangers of heights.

safety for children

Safety Nets For Life® safety netting system is a concept we are proud to bring to Australia. The system was developed by an architect (and mother) from Argentina. She wanted to find a way to prevent accidents without compromising the appearance of her home. Balcony bars were definitely out of the question.

Her goal was to come up with a safe, high quality product that could protect her family but would still allow them to use the balcony or windows as an escape route in case of fire or earthquakes (her family was living in Chile at the time).

And so the idea was born. It took her team almost 10 years of research to develop this innovative, top quality product.

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Safety Nets For Life® is a self-installation kit, which includes the net (cut to measure to suit your area), polyamide anchorage strips, stainless steel screws and plastic anchors, as well as a detailed installation guide.

The system has been tested and approved by Argentina’s key national industrial technology authority INTI (Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia Industrial in Argentina) and by the International Construction Institute AIDICO (Instituto Tecnológico de la Construcción in Spain).

Safety Nets For Life safety netting system has been subjected to mechanical behaviour and strength tests before INTI in Argentina: OT n¼ 101/ 9195

The tests concluded that the system holds 140kg per meter square, which means it is able to hold the weight of 2 or 3 children pushing out at the same time

BEWARE: Safety Nets For Life's manufaturer in Argentina, Netzen, holds the world-wide patent for this product. Patent n¼: M 050102838

BEWARE of imitative Companies, trying to imitate our system using nylon based netting, non weather resistant attachments and improper installation procedures, which will lead to an enormous danger.

Key Safety Nets For Life® safety nets system features are:

  • attractive product, unobtrusive and easy to install in a variety of positions, both inside and outside the building
  • the system can hold 140kg per m2
  • patented, trademarked design, by its own installation, that guarantees the required tension and strength, offering a secure and reliable system
  • treated with UV factor additives to preserve its life span
  • its touch is friendly without sharp edges, that may damage or put children or adults at risk
  • the design includes a flashing channel to avoid rain water retention when installed on the outside of the building
  • each pack provides the net, anchorages, profiles, screws, pegs, descriptive literature and all necessary items for step-by-step installation
  • tpossible to remove and re-use
  • packaging that is lightweight and practical to send by post anywhere in the world
  • it is possible to purchase additional elements, including nets and profiles, as required

The anchorage strips are made of anodised aluminium.

• Color: white

• Length: 0.5m

• Width: 17 mm

• Weight: 90 gr


Tests and Certifications

• Safety standard ASTM F2006 (TÜV Argentina)

• Strength trials to collective mechanical behavior INTI OT (Work Order No. 101/9195)

• Comparative trial of impact energies (IRAM NM 298 Rule - INTI OT No. 101/17480)

• Ageing trial as per ASTM D 4329 – 09 and ASTM G 154 – 06 rules.

• Dynamic trial of soft body impact

• Energy absorption capacity of the net mesh as per UNE-EN 1263-1.2004 Section UNF EN ISO 1806:2003 (ENAC)

• Static trial of nets endurance as per UNE EN 1263-1:2004 Section 7.4 (ENAC)


Warranty: Two years from purchase (click for more information)


technical specifications
measurement guide
Safety installation guide


balcony protected with safety nets in Vaucluse, Sydney