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Our Mission Statement

Safety Nets For Life® is a pioneer enterprise dedicated to protecting children and
pets living in units or two-storey houses against falls from windows, balconies or stairs.
We offer cutting edge technology to give parents peace of mind."


- Safety Nets For Life® is owned and operated by Luciana Muratori and her partner Karl Paroli.

Luciana Muratori is originally from Brazil. She has a BA in Economics and she holds a
Level 1 Certificate in Early Childhood Teaching from the Playcentre Association in New Zealand.

- Safety nets are used to child proof thousands of homes in South America. In Australia, hardly everyone knew about safety nets used to childrpoof windows or balconies before 2011.

- Safety Nets For Life® was created in 2011.
The first installation happened in August 2011, in Randwick, Sydney.

- Safety Nets For Life® donates AU$5 from every sale to a charity organisation that works with children.
So far, Safety Nets For Life® has donated to The Alannah and Madeline Foundation and to Humpty Dumpty Foundation.

- In 2012, Safety Nets For Life® has been invited by the Westmead Hospital to form a sub-group to their original Working Party For The Prevention Of Children Falling From Residential Buildings. The Working Party has done an extensive study on children and falls. The outcomes report was released in February 2011..
The sub-group invited is made up of Industry Leaders working with products that offer solutions to protect children who are living in heights.



Earlier this year I had safety nets installed in my internal stairwell as my two small children seem to have monkey genes and no sense of gravity or peril. The nets are great, and mean kids can rough-house in the lounge room. I cannot recommend them enough. They’re minimally obtrusive and provide such piece of mind. And Luciana was such a pleasure to deal with.

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"What is the point of living in a unit with ocean views if you cannot enjoy the sea breezy in the summer??? Since I found out I was expecting twin boys, living in a unit without any safety on windows & balcony has been a major concern for us. We have searched for solutions that would be approved by our body corporate and not finding anything on the market for so long, we spent almost 2 years enclosure inside the unit as it was too risky leaving doors or windows open with two little explorers at home. Thank heaven we came across to Safety Nets For Life. The team was really efficient, the process was clean & fast and the product amazed me for its technology and visual. I thought it would break up the view but it is very discreet and blends with the outside. We got the nets installed in the balcony and in the bedrooms. The balcony has become an extra room, it’s been finally incorporated to the rest of the unit and the kids love been out there checking the view and playing safely. We do recommend Safety Nets for Life and we think this should be essential for every family living in high raise apartments".

Katia Crafar - Randwick, NSW


"This is appalling, the body corporate should be named and shamed. We have recently had these nets installed on our second storey balcony. It has provided my wife (well and me) with infitinitely less concern about the safety of our little boy who has been a climber from a young age."

Troy Dahms commenting on an article by The Sydney Morning Hereald, which talks about one of our clients who got refused permission to install the safety nets by her Owners Corporation.
Link to SMH article



"I had the lovely Luciana and her team come and install one of these nets on my most worriesome window this morning.
They were very professional, it looks fantastic and the warranty and guidelines are very straight forward.
Hopefully i never have to test it out, with anyone falling out my window. But i have so much more peace of mind now that the kids can play safely and i can open the window in summer without stressing.
Very impressed so far and may look to getting more in the future

They were here for a relatively biggish awkward window for apprx 2 hours. This was only because they are all still learning from an expert from Brazil while he is here.

They installed it from both the inside and outside of the house and there were 4 people including Luciana herself who was overseeing the first lot of nets installed.

It looks like a strong type of soccer net, it feels very strong and is Uv protected which is a great relief.

It comes with a 3 year warranty which gives peace of mind and was a hassle free experience for us with littlies running around :)"

Sassy Mum Melanie, from Eagle Vale, NSW
Comment from Kidspot Website